Club Information

 We are a small independent club of less than 15 boats that fish on Saturday mornings from opening day (the last Saturday in May) until the end of Sept., usually about 17 to 20 competitions.

All boats are in the water and ready to fish 10 minutes before start and we fish for 6 hours.

Lakes fished each summer are picked at random during the Annual Meeting held in the Fall. Most of the lakes are less than a one hour drive from the Battle Creek area with a few exceptions.

Annual dues go to buy trophies and lake permits. We have no paid office holders.

Weekly competition fees are divided between 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for that morning with 20 % going towards the Classic.

Club Bylaws are available at the launch site from the current club President or on this website.

We have a good time, share some of our secrets and make new friends.